My name is Gen. I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years with a strong base in Iyengar yoga and with teacher training in Vinyasa Flow yoga and Restorative yoga. The appeal of yoga and the thing that keeps me coming back is that it is more than just physical exercise. I love to move and to be active, but I also love philosophy and pondering the big questions as well as that feeling of lightness and joy. Yoga brings these together.  Whether I am practicing or philosophising, always always I find the working of opposites together.

I offer a variety of classes from strong vinyasa to the still quiet innercise of hatha and restorative yoga. Each class works to build your concentration, focus, strength, breath control and self-awareness.

Classes run during school terms. Term 2 for 2018 is starting 6.30 pm Monday 30 April at Evatt. No need to book, just turn up. The classes run in Evatt are in my backyard studio so if you rock up and feel nervous about walking into someone’s backyard, just pluck up the courage and walk on in..I sometimes have a blackboard with yoga written on it, but the rain keeps washing it off so it is not always there! See picture below.
yoga pic


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